My Experience At The Just Concluded Business School by Future Females Business School.

My journey started late last year, sometime around (October ) when I saw an ad on Facebook stating that Future Female Business School is partnering with UK Tech Hub to bring this offer to Nigerians, that is training females founders with all the need to run a successful business.

I jumped right into it and filled the form, because just like my best friend would say, Shula, you need to attend a good business school and all your doubt and confusion about FemCode Africa which is a business I founder 0ctober 2019 will be gone.

FemCode Africa is your №1 Virtual Hub with the vision of educating and empowering all females across Africa with on-demand tech skills at a very affordable price without them having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Wasn't easy at first because though the classes were online, but I had my 9–5(working), I had school to attend to (I am in my finals and a lot on my table), and also FemCode Africa to attend to.

The classes were recorded but I still need to finish my module before our normal meetups with our mentor which is on Thursdays, so we can have questions to ask on the module for that week that are confusing or not clear and also be on the same page when others relate a particular topic or problem.

We had workbooks we worked with and links to websites, apps, and guidelines on how to work on or get a particular step done with.

Just 3weeks in and I have starting seeing things clearer and making changes and restructuring FemCode Africa and things I didn't know how to go about it earlier, I started to see better ways of solving the problem. Just like my best friend would say, I needed a good business school, and guess what, I got the Best and it was obvious it was really the best.

I had FemBoot 3.0 coming up(FemBoot is the part of FemCode Africa that handles the boot camps training) and I saw how to make things better, at 1st I had issues charging for my well-packaged training having the fear that people won't pay, and also how to turn visitors into paying customers and guess what Future Female Business School taught me all that and I applied them to this and normally I do have fewer persons reaching out to be finally trained but this time I had 153 persons that filled the form and ended up having 102 persons making their full payment and a few allowed to join based on some conditions.

Yes my business made a 290 turn in just 2months and it's still making and I myself made 360 turns from being confused to seeing things clearly, like very clear and all this was a success because of Future Female Business School and I am forever grateful.

Today I don't just stand clear, loaded, and motivated I also stand as a certified Business owner who came out in flying colors and all thanks go to Future Females’ for this wonderful opportunity. Cheers!!!



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